ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Leprous – The Congregation (May 2015)

Leprous - The Congregation

Norwegian progressive rock/metal band Leprous have taken the metal world by storm, particularly with their opus Bilateral. The Congregation is the bands fifth full-length and to put it simply into words, it’s amazing. Having already released some of the most acclaimed and adventurous albums in recent years and this album is no exception. Previous album 2013’s Coal introduced us to a more mature Leprous, a darker and more atmospheric sound but suffered from repetitious sections. Thankfully those faults have been acknowledged by the band and essentially removed. The more and more I listen to this album the more it begins to open up and unfurl its true nature, from the amazing vocals of Einar Solberg, the extremely diverse drumming from newcomer Baard Kolstad and the rhythmic musical landscape. We’re not even half way through the year but The Congregation looks set to become a strong contender for my Album of the Year.



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