ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Paradise Lost – The Plague Within (June 2015)

Paradise Lost - The Plague Within

There aren’t a great many bands that are 27 years into their career and still maintain the level of consistency shown by gothic metal legends Paradise Lost. The Plague Within was hyped by the band as a return to their earliest days of death/doom and I must admit I had my doubts they could pull it off. I’m so happy the band managed to prove me wrong, instantly within the opening notes of the first single ‘No Hope in Sight’ I knew this album was going to be something special. The overall sound is filthy death/doom with a warmness missing from modern metal albums. Nick Holmes proved himself on Bloodbath’s latest release but here he’s an entirely different beast, sneering and snarling growls together with his trademark cleans. If you’ve haven’t been a fan of the bands middle and more recent output then The Plague Within is sure to be up your street.

Beneath Broken Earth


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