MUSIC REVIEW: Bleeding Through – The Truth (2006)

Bleeding Through Band

Band Name: Bleeding Through (USA)
Release Name: The Truth (Full-Length)
Genre: Metalcore

Formed in 1999 by former Eighteen Visions and Throwdown guitarist Brandon Schieppati alongside guitarists Javier Van Huss and Scott Danough, bass guitarist Chad Tafolla and drummer Troy Born, Bleeding Through were one of the 21st centuries leading metalcore bands. They stood apart from their contemporaries by adding in strong elements of (melodic) death metal and black metal into their music, even adding a keyboard player to their line-up, a rarity in the genre at the time. The band earned themselves a fierce reputation with their first three albums, with 2003’s This is Love, This is Murderous in particular sticking out as one of the finest examples of metalcore.

The Truth was the bands fourth album and their second release of Trustkill Records. Every band at some point in their career creates an album that is much more melodic or mainstream than their others, whether intentional or not, and for Bleeding Through this was it. While the band were already known for having a melodic edge thanks to their usage of keyboards and Brandon’s frequent foray into clean vocals, on The Truth keyboards are used much more frequently and given a stronger presence than before, with the same being true of the clean vocals.

The albums lead single’s ‘Kill to Believe’ and ‘Love in Slow Motion’ are prime examples of the bands new melodic sound. While still as heavy as before, there is a greater emphasis of the keyboards, particularly in the pre-chorus and chorus sections. Both songs has clean melodic choruses which are mainstream oriented and on the catchy side. Meanwhile later on the album in ‘Line in the Sand’, a rarity in Bleeding Through’s discography as it is the bands sole ballad. Relying entirely on clean vocals, it’s an emotional self-described love song that shows a completely different side of the band.

Don’t mistake the previous section as a band that’s gone soft, there is still the same aggression and heaviness as before. The shorter tracks like ‘Confession’ and ‘The Painkiller’ prove that the band’s music is always rooted in the hardcore genre with chugging guitars, brutal breakdown and relentless speed. The keyboards still make an appearance in ‘The Painkiller’ and ‘She’s Gone’ with a dark horror movie vibe that will give you goose bumps.

Vocalist Brandon has always been an essential part of what makes Bleeding Through so unique. His intense bark drips with pure violence ranging from hardcore shouts to higher pitches shrieks. The brutal honesty displayed in his lyrics are unrivalled, the album opens up with him shouting “I don’t give a fuck”. His lyrics aren’t always the most poetic but one thing is certain, they are lines of brutal honesty always delivery with integrity. His clean vocals aren’t the best there is but again his strong sense of conviction makes them sound believable.

The Truth is the bands biggest selling album with over 250,000 copies sold giving them a huge boost in their career. The band released three more albums (2008’s Declaration, 2010’s self-titled and 2012’s The Great Fire) before announcing their disbandment in 2013. After the farewell tours the band were put to rest in 2014. Bleeding Through’s legacy can still be felt on many of the new waves of metalcore bands, with one such band Motionless in White making various collaborations with Brandon.

Bleeding Through - The Truth

1. For Love and Failing
2. Confession
3. Love in Slow Motion
4. The Painkiller
5. Kill to Live
6. Dearly Demented
7. Line in the Sand
8. She’s Gone
9. Tragedy of Empty Streets
10. Return to Sender
11. Hollywood Prison
12. The Truth


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