LIVE REVIEW: Motionless in White at The Academy

Motionless In White Tour Poster

Date: January 14th, 2016
Venue: The Academy, Dublin
Line-up: Motionless in White + New Year’s Days + Silent Screams

Back in November the world was shaken by the horrific terror attack which took place in Paris with a show by The Eagles of Death Metal taking the most casualties. As a result of these attacks many bands began to postpone or cancel shows in Europe. Metalcore band Motionless in White was one of these, choosing to delay their entire UK tour leg to avoid a connection flight in the Middle East. While many fans were understandably upset by this the band had quickly rescheduled the tour for just 2 months later.

Originally this tour was supposed to have support from popular deathcore group Chelsea Grin but due to the rescheduled dates they could no longer play the dates but UK metalcore group Silent Screams kindly stepped in as replacements. As an opening band they didn’t offer anything too special from the genre, they were far from the worst group I’ve seen but at the same time I just felt like I’d seen it all before. Lead vocalist Joel Heywood encouraged the crowd to get their hands up and feet moving while guitarist Sam Varney took over vocals for those squeaky clean choruses. Joel noted that whether people enjoyed them or thought that they sucked he was appreciative that people stuck around to check them out.

Next up on stage was New Year’s Day, their infectious brand of heavy pop kicking the crowd into gear. With this being the band’s first time in Ireland, it seemed like a large portion of the crowd were here just for them. Vocalist Ash Costello oozed confidence and had them firmly in the palm of her hand, they were screaming back her every word and clamouring to her whenever she came to the edge of the stage. The rest of the band were equally as excitable, most notably was guitarist Nikki Misery who, in getting a little carried away during one of the heavier sections, knocked down his microphone stand, almost hitting a photographer below.

With the crowd well and truly warmed up it was time for Motionless in White to take to the stage. Opening with ‘Death March’ from their latest album Reincarnate, the crowd was ready for action screaming along with the anthem chorus. ‘Devil’s Night’ made things a little heavier and had the whole floor jumping up and down.

The set had a good mix of songs both new and old to keep the crowd happy. For the diehard fans ‘Fatal’, a bonus track from Infamous was thrown into the set while ‘Abigail’, one of their biggest songs, garnered a large circle pit. The crowds energy never faltered over the bands set; they were always either singing along or forming a pit or wall of death.

Vocalist Chris Motionless must have taken lessons from their tour mates in New Year’s Day as he appeared much more confident and full of energy than their last show in Dublin. There were no distractions or flashy gimmicks (such as the backing dancers), however it has to be said that the lights set-up was top notch, even Chris had to give some much needed praise to the venues light guy. Bassist Ghost was his usual strange self menacingly stalking the stage in a mask that made him look like a long lost cousin of a Slipknot member.

New Year’s Day’s Ash came out to give a helping hand on ‘Contemptress’ for a duet with Chris. A cover of Linkin Park’s ‘One Step Closer’ saw the venue break out with people screaming the nu-metal classic. ‘A-M-E-R-I-C-A’ and closer ‘Reincarnate’ gave the crowd their final chance to sing along.

Motionless in White’s set was rather short, not even reaching the 70 minute mark and included a cover song. It was a little disappointing especially given the fact that the show was delayed but the crowd seemed happy as they were flooding out of the venue.


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