MUSIC REVIEW: Afterlife to Ashes – Eyeless (2016)

Afterlife to Ashes Band Photo

Band Name: Afterlife to Ashes (Ireland)
Release Name: Eyeless (Demo)
Genre: Metal

Afterlife to Ashes are a young metal band hailing from Dublin. Formed last year, the four-piece released their first recording a few weeks ago for a cover of the Slipknot classic ‘Eyeless’.

By the bands own admission the recording is fairly rough sounding but after the initial rumblings, and all the instruments come together, it actually doesn’t sound as bad as you would think. The accompanying music video was recorded in 4k Rehearsal Studios and directed by the bands own drummer Paul Gleeson. The band has settled for a dark atmosphere in the video with lots of flickering lights and cut-off shots, rather suitable for the track in hand. Their performance is quite good, although it sticks quite close to the source material, and while the vocals are as maniacal as Corey Taylor’s they have their own charm.

At this point I can’t really judge Afterlife to Ashes on their own musical merits just yet but I can say that this is a really solid cover and the guys seem to have the hunger to go with it. The band are currently working on their debut EP so keep an eye out for that when it hits.


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