MUSIC REVIEW: Afterlife to Ashes – Dahlia (2016)

Afterlife To Ashes Band Photo 2

Band Name: Afterlife to Ashes (Ireland)
Release Name: Dahlia (Demo)
Genre: Metal

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the demo of a young Irish metal band called Afterlife to Ashes. While I could see the bands potential, there was little to tell of what the band were really like based off nothing but a cover track. Luckily the band has been busy recording some music since then, releasing a couple of new original songs including this one called ‘Dahlia’ which they have just unleashed as their latest single.

After one listen to ‘Dahlia’ it becomes immediately obvious why the band chose to cover Slipknot previously. Their sound is rooted in that mid-era of the band, dark and chaotic but not overly so. Roy Geary’s vocals really shine, from the subdued whispers in the verses before going all out insane for the chorus spitting pure rage and nihilism.

The band proudly proclaim that everything they’ve recorded so far has been done themselves, and while that’s certainly commendable for such a young band, I couldn’t help but think how amazing this track would sound with a beefed up sound in the right hands.

The video once again was directed by the bands own drummer Paul Gleeson capturing a strong, dark vibe matching with their sound and image. It makes good use of lighting and a grainy filter, giving a horror movie styled depiction.

After impressing with their demo, my confidence in them seems to have been well put after listening to ‘Dahlia’.


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