MUSIC REVIEW: Jenova – Nail the Eye (2016)


Band Name: Jenova (Ireland)
Release Name: Nail the Eye (Single)
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Jenova (any video game nerd will appreciate how awesome this bands name is) are a young melodic death metal band from Dublin. They have impressed many with their earned work ethic, live shows (including earning a place in the semi-finals of the county’s Metal to the Masses shows) and early demo material. ‘Nail the Eye’ is the group’s first single and a big milestone for the band proving that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

The track opens up with dark down-tempo guitars with vocalist Brian J Harrington alternating between blood curdling screams and deep gutturals. This ominous opening picks up with a weighted heft of riffs from guitarists Cormac Jordan and Dylan Kennedy. Within their sound you can hear influences from the old school era of death metal spiced up with some modern charm and melody.

Drummer Marco Persechini only emphasized the aggression of the track when he enters with his relentless double bass, the rhythm section is kept strong with bassist David Mooney giving a solid backbone when the breakdowns are brought out. Produced and mixed by Colm Drennan, the track has a good clean sound with each instrument being heard and finds its place snuggly within the mix.

After their 2015 demos the band promised to kick things up a notch for future releases and they’ve definitely shown that even with this single track. It’s an impressive number and a sign of good things to come from the band in the future when they release their upcoming EP, so add Jenova to your watch list.


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