LIVE REVIEW: Jimmy Eat World at the Olympia


Date: November 7th, 2016
Venue: Olympia Theatre, Dublin
Line-up: Jimmy Eat World + The Amazons

While many may know Arizona rockers Jimmy Eat World by their breakthrough hit ‘The Middle’ released back in 2001, the more hardcore fans have been following the band beyond that right up to the release of their ninth studio album Integrity Blues in October. Jimmy Eat World hit the road straight away in support of the album and tonight landed in Dublin for the UK and Ireland leg of the tour.

Opening act for this leg are young rock ‘n’ rollers The Amazons. Little time was wasted with the group coming on stage promptly for their eight o’clock slot. Ripping through a half hour set of their hits and new material from their upcoming album; they noted that this was their favourite city to play in so far on the tour praising the venue and enthusiastic audience in front of them. With three out of four of them providing vocals they were able to create anthem like moments which the crowd enjoyed but weren’t afraid to crank it up to eleven when needed.

The lights dimmed and the stage was illuminated in a pale purple glow perfectly setting the tone for Jimmy Eat World to come out and introduce themselves and their latest album Integrity Blues by opening with ‘You with Me’. The scene was set and after easing the crowd into things the band let loose with a couple of older tracks, ‘A Praise Chorus’ and ‘If You Don’t Don’t’, which really saw the crowd start moving to the beat.

A few more older tracks including the title track from their biggest album Bleed American and the band feel brave enough to pull out a few more new numbers. Although many of them were a little more subdued and toned down compared to the more upbeat numbers this didn’t have any impact on their performance. The feel good ‘You Are Free’ is one sure to be included in future setlists for years to come while more experimental numbers like the electronic touches in ‘Pass the Baby’ show the bands diversity.

Frontman Jim Adkins is his usual upbeat self, praising the venue and Dublin itself at numerous points in the night while trying to rein in his obvious excitement. His vocals are pitch perfect and a fantastic example of someone who sounds just as good if not better than the studio recordings when it comes to the live environment. Of course Jim wasn’t alone in his vocal duties with the band showcasing a masterclass in harmonizing with each of them, with the exception of drummer Zach Lind, adding vocals in some capacity. Fellow guitarist and vocalist Tom Linton had his time to shine when they went right back in the vaults for ‘Blister’ from 1999’s Clarity album for which he took over lead vocals.

Towards the end of the night punters were treated to the bands seven minute opus ‘23’. The Futures track brings forth a wave of emotions on the crowd, from its subtle beginnings to the tear-jerking solo towards the end; it’s always a treat for fans.

The bands encore rolled the clocks back to 2001 to their height of Bleed American with the bands biggest hit ‘The Middle’, the surf rock stylings of ‘The Authority Song’ and the deafening “woah’s” from the crowd for ‘Sweetness’. Among all this they also managed to squeeze in a newer single, ‘Sure and Certain’, which felt right at home.


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