LIVE REVIEW: Lacuna Coil at the Garage


Date: November 15th, 2016
Venue: The Garage, Glasgow
Line-up: Lacuna Coil + Forever Still + Genus Ordinis Dei

Italian rockers Lacuna Coil rolled into Glasgow tonight on their current run of hugely successful UK dates in support of their latest album Delirium. With the band receiving some very strong reviews for the album it was no surprise that the venue had quickly filled with excited fans eager to catch the band performing the new tracks.

Opening the show were country mates symphonic death metal outfit Genus Ordinis Dei. A little heavier then both of the other bands playing tonight but they had a gothic edge to their music thanks to the classical influence. Some strong chunky riffs dominated much of their sound and although there was some faint backing track used for pre-recorded symphonics I feel it did strip away from the grandiose nature of some of the tracks. The more melodic and solo guitar sections were quite good standing out from some of the stale chugging. Still they did get the crowds blood pumping with some gentle persuasion on vocalist Nick K’s part with his gestures and encouragement to start chanting along.

After a very quick turnover it was the turn of Danish alternative rockers Forever Still. Their lighter, more upbeat music seemed more to the audiences tastes with more interaction than the previous act. The band blasted out a half hour set of hard rock hits and balladry from their newly released debut album Tied Down, and while they were well played and entertaining after the mid-way point it began to feel a little repetitive. The main focal point of the band was clearly vocalist Maja Shining who had a soaring range with a few surprising screams thrown in, not forgetting her visually striking microphone stand which was modeled after their albums front cover.

The lights dimmed and the stage went dark, this marked the arrival of gothic/alternative rockers Lacuna Coil. The set was heavy with material from their latest album Delirium which began with opening track ‘Ultima Ratio’. Making sure not to alienate too many people they still had many of the older and bigger tracks lined up with the likes of ‘Spellbound’ and one of what is essentially the bands best known songs ‘Heavens a Lie’. A rather nice surprise came in the form up a slightly updated version of ‘The Ghost Woman and the Hunter’, a track which has been hardly played before this tour. The guitars took on a more down tuned doom sound and a guitar solo had replaced the repeated vocals in the bridge, it was an exciting moment for the older fans.

The bands performance had been kicked up a notch from previous performances I’ve attended by them, there is much higher focus on the appearance and theatrics than there was before with the stage setup including hung up dummies and caged fences. The theatrics didn’t stop with just the stage, even the band got involved with their sanatorium jackets and make up. Apart from the visual aspects I also felt that the band had stepped it up performance wise. There has been new blood injected into the band over the last couple of years with drummer Ryan Folden and touring guitarist Diego Cavallotti joining the fray. It wasn’t just the newcomers either, both vocalist Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro have brought their best to the stage tonight sounding better than ever and remaining ever engaged with the show and the crowd.

For ‘Enjoy the Silence’ and ‘Nothing Stands in Our Way’ the crowd were strongly encouraged to sing along with the band being particularly proud of the latter track and fans singing back to them the refrain “We fear nothing”. Surprisingly enough the bands three song encore kept with the bands newer material forgoing some of the bands more well-known classics, however, the strength of the bands performance of ‘Delirium’, and ‘The House of Shame’ especially, you forgive them for their choices.

Ultima Ratio
Die & Rise
Heaven’s a Lie
Blood, Tears, Dust
Ghost in the Mist
The Ghost Woman and the Hunter
Trip the Darkness
You Love Me ’Cause I Hate You
Our Truth
Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
Nothing Stands in Our Way

The House Of Shame

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