MUSIC REVIEW: Screaming Giants – Found Footage (2016)


Band Name: Screaming Giants (Ireland)
Release Name: Found Footage (EP)
Genre: Alternative Rock / Stoner Rock / (self-described) Drop D Groove Engineers

With the band gearing up to perform at their official release show for debut EP Found Footage we thought we’d get you up to speed with Irish band Screaming Giants and why you should check them out.

There’s a heavy wave of distortion and dissonance in opening track ‘Throb’ before you get hit with a heavy slab of a riff. Musically they pull influence in equal parts from the older generation, particularly Black Sabbath, and the alternative rock of the 1990’s with the vocal style screaming Queens of the Stone Age and Alice in Chains. The music is mid pace and quite repetitive but it works to their favour as I often felt myself being dragged into the music rather than becoming bored by it.

Luckily the band doesn’t stick too close to this formula, livening things up on subsequent tracks. I often found myself checking that I was listening to the same band, ‘Burning Black’ and ‘Shotgun Sexy’ show a more upbeat and playful side to them with a sound ripped straight from the 60’s and 70’s. The latter track also sees the guitarist break from the groovy riffs with a classy guitar solo.

‘Nightmare’ is the standout track of the EP with that addicting head moving groove and throbbing bass. Closing track ‘No More’ breaks away from the upbeat sound we’d been enjoying the past couple of tracks and strips it right back to its core. The sound is very simple, working around the vocals as opposed to the instruments and that’s what makes it work so well. The claps and vocal approach work well as a rally cry to those listening to join along.

While the music on Found Footage isn’t the most original it is very enjoyable for what it is. Screaming Giants have produced some well-crafted songs that will leave you nodding your head, banging your feet and, for some, singing along.


1. Throb
2. Burning Black
3. Shotgun Sexy
4. Nightmare
5. No More


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