ARTICLE: Top 10 Irish Releases of 2016

My path in writing first took off with some Irish bands which opened me up to a an exciting rock and metal scene that was happening right under my nose. Even with starting this site that intrigue of Irish music still remains and its only right that I put the spotlight on that which got me started.

10. Mortichnia – Heir to Scoria and Ash

The album cover sets the scene for this, the debut album from Mortichnia. Taking cues from the occult black metal scene rampant around Europe, the music is long and dragging but this works in its favour to smother you in their perpetual darkness.

9. Zealot Cult – Karmenian Crypt

Sometimes the new modern and often sterile death metal scene can become grating so it’s somewhat refreshing just to hear something more primitive and old school. This is where Zealot Cult’s latest EP comes in, no frills death metal that sounds like it was ripped straight from the 90’s.

8. Xerosun – This Dark Rage

2016 was the year that Xerosun aimed to reintroduce themselves with their new sound and new frontwoman. The band’s latest EP combines death, industrial, groove and modern metal with the ferocious schizophrenic light/heavy vocals from Martyna.

7. Alpheidae – The I in All

Dublin’s Alpheidae first came to my attention at a live show where they very much impressed. Their debut EP was luckily able to capture their heavy yet progressive modern sound better than I imagined. The EP starts off rather straight forward but the longer you listen to it the more of their sound you peel back.

6. Third Island – Dusk

This release came out of nowhere almost, a blend of shoegaze and doom, it’s described as “a journey through insomnia and fear”. The vocals could use a little work but the three track EP does a good job at sucking you into its smothering sound.

5. Dead Label – Throne of Bones

Dead Label’s sophomore album has been teased for some years now and 2016 is when it finally came to light. The three piece are as heavy as a juggernaut with a healthy dose of intense groove which you can’t keep your head from banging along.

4. Minus Ten Thousand Hours – igtkmbffsikhdd

The album’s title is enough of a giveaway that this album is something strange. The bands diverse influences make it so that no two tracks will sound alike, Dublin three piece Minus Ten Thousand Hours debut is that of a hugely exciting act.

3. Ealadha – Limit of our Sight

Ealadha’s debut EP was highly anticipated after hearing their single ‘Hurricanes’. A blend of post and progressive rock, its sweeping atmosphere and build-up are simply beautiful. A must have for fans of later Anathema and The Gathering.

2. Soothsayer – At This Great Depth

Soothsayer - At This Great Depth.jpg
Releasing right at the tail end of the year, Soothsayer’s second EP At this Great Depth could have easily been missed but the high quality of their previous self-titled release made sure this one remained on my radar. Hugely atmospheric doom metal with a strong 90’s influence.

1. Sonus Mortis – Hail the Tragedies of Man

Sonus Mortis - Hail The Tragedies Of Man.jpg
Sonus Mortis mainman Kevin Byrne has been throwing out quality albums from this project year on year and his third album Hail the Tragedies of Man continues this trend. This album could literally be used as the soundtrack for the apocalypse, its sounds huge, dense and crushing all with a dark edge.

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