MUSIC REVIEW: Axecatcher – Common Blood (2016)


Band Name: Axecatcher (Ireland)
Release Name: Common Blood (EP)
Genre: Hardcore / Metalcore

Axecatcher are a melodic hardcore 4-piece from Derry. The group formed in 2011 and were quick to get and start gigging straight away. Their previous releases We Watch the Sun Burn and Sparks & Spears garnered rave reviews and the latest EP Common Blood looks set to follow suit.

‘Semblance’ kicks things off at a frantic high pace. It’s modern hardcore punk at its heart bringing to mind Cancer Bats or party rockers Every Time I Die. It’s just melodic enough to be considered catchy but also injects a little bit of a chaotic touch in places to please those who prefer the heavier end of the musical spectrum.

The main riff in ‘Jump the Chasm’ is filthy and heavy with the bass permeating through that screams moshpit ready. It all comes at you quickly and relentlessly. ‘Coma Gaze’ takes a step towards mathcore territory, its start stop riffing calling The Dillinger Escape Plan or Rolo Tomassi. Karson Browne’s vocals are furious, sounding somewhat strained at times giving his performance that edge that tells you he’s giving it all he’s got and more.

The title track reek’s of Broadcasting-era Comeback Kid with its more mellowed out melodic hardcore. Karson shines here again showcasing good control of his vocals in the phrasing and notes, some of those extending lyrics sound very difficult to pull off without catching your breath but he manages it. Closing track ‘Rust Fever’ returns to the more chaotic sound, leading us out with its constant twisting and turning guitars. The vocals, layered with the backing gang vocals, sound absolutely pissed off ending things on a high note.

Common Blood gives us sixteen minutes of non-stop blistering hardcore with a good sense of when to tone down and keep it melodic or to let loose and give it their all. It’s a strong release and has the sound of a band that is passionate about what they’re doing and are able to put all of that passion into their performance.

Axecatcher - Common Blood.png

1. Semblance
2. Jump the Chasm
3. Coma Gaze
4. Common Blood
5. Rust Fever


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