MUSIC REVIEW: Trivium – Silence in the Snow (2015)


Band Name: Trivium (USA)
Release Name: Silence in the Snow (Full-Length)
Genre: Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal / Metalcore

Trivium has always been a band who liked to switch up their music, with each album usually being a mix and match of heavy, thrash and metalcore. Their latest album Silence in the Snow is one that see’s vocalist Matt Heafy dropping the screaming completely along with all traces of metalcore. The result is one of their most melodic albums to date, with the music strongly rooted in traditional heavy and power metal.

The album opens up with a beautiful orchestral prelude ‘Snøfall’, courtesy of Ihsahn, that leads smoothly into the album’s title track. Upon its release a few months ago, the fanbase has been fairly divided, some loving the newer sound and praising Matt’s vocals while other longed for the Ascendancy / Shogun sound. It later being revealed that this was a Shogun b-side didn’t do much to help its case. That said ‘Silence in the Snow’ is one of the catchiest songs the band has ever written with Matt’s falsetto vocals being an early album highlight.

Second single ‘Blind Leading the Blind’ opens up with some playful guitar leads moving into a chugging mid-paced riff. I feel that the pre-chorus section might benefit from having some backing growled vocals simply because of the lower groove. The chorus is again insanely catchy and huge sounding.

The guitars are down-tuned and heavier for ‘Dead and Gone’. Paolo’s bass is pushed nice and high in the mix during the verses for a menacing sound. Matt gives his best M Shadows impersonation with his raspy howl. The chorus has some excellent vocal harmonies that fit in nicely with the lead guitar melodies. ‘The Ghost that’s Haunting You’ has a similar heavy sound, the bass is mixed in well with the guitar riff. The intro and chorus use a ringing guitar harmony that really gets stuck in your head from first listen. We’re given a classic metal solo, one that’s not too showy and fits in well with the music.

There’s some excellent fretwork that opens up ‘Pull Me From The Void’. The main riff is much faster, more immediate than the other tracks. The chorus repeats the song name a number of times but it works well as a memorable hook because of the vocal line emphasizing the “pull” part in a higher pitch. The back and forth guitar solo’s between Matt and Corey shine as always.

‘Until the World Goes Cold’ is the slowest song, and could be considered the ballad of the album outside of its metallic chugging guitars. Matt’s vocals, particularly during the verses, give off hints of some autotune or pitch correction which is slightly distracting. That issue aside, the chorus is one of a big arena ready track with that siren-like guitar wail ringing out.

Sadly there are a couple of dud tracks to be found, ‘Rise Above The Tides’ has some nice guitar melodies and ‘The Thing That’s Killing Me’ is one of the more thrash influenced tracks on the album with a stellar solo section, but both suffer from bland forgettable choruses that make me want to reach for the skip button when they kick in.

‘Beneath the Sun’ slows the music down, the bass rumbling throughout giving it an almost melancholic sound. Matt’s vocals in the chorus are bellowing to give the track an epic sound while remaining catchy in its own way.

Closing track ‘Breathe In The Flames’ opens with an acoustic guitar which gives way for a heavy thrash riff. Some of Matt’s Hetfield style singing makes a re-appearance which matches up nicely with the music. The band wonderfully plays around with the tempo, with the verses chugging at a mid-pace before speeding up to a thrash pace, while the chorus work in a similar way.

I will admit that I was among the naysayers when Silence In The Snow was first unveiled but after many listens my opinion has been turned on its head. The vocal harmonies and melodies are some of the best that Trivium has ever written and the guitar playing between Matt and Corey stands out just as much as any other of their albums. It’s another chapter in Trivium’s history, the band has evolved and changed so much over their career and this is just another step in that evolution.


1. Snøfall
2. Silence in the Snow
3. Blind Leading the Blind
4. Dead and Gone
5. The Ghost That’s Haunting You
6. Pull Me from the Void
7. Until the World Goes Cold
8. Rise Above the Tides
9. The Thing That’s Killing Me
10. Beneath the Sun
11. Breathe in the Flames


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