MUSIC REVIEW: Call to Arms – The Reaper Never Sleeps (2016)


Band Name: Call to Arms (Ireland)
Release Name: The Reaper Never Sleeps (Single)
Genre: Metal / Hardcore

The local Irish scene has been growing and growing in recent years with the younger bands now lining up to find their place. If you’ve been keeping up with the new breed of Irish bands then you’ll know that one name that sticks out is Dublin based Call to Arms. The young band formed in the summer of 2013 and since then have been relentless working to better themselves and have really made a name for themselves as a formidable live act gaining a rabid fan base. It was this fan base that led the band all the way to the finals of last year’s Metal to the Masses competition ultimately winning the crowd vote.

The band has released a single EP in 2015 called Invictus, a solid effort but I felt that it didn’t give the best impression of the band, failing to capture their ferocious live energy and drive, sounding flat and lifeless in comparison. The band went back into the studio in the second half of 2016 to start recording new material with their latest single, ‘The Reaper Never Sleeps’ accompanied by a lyric video, released in December.

With their debut album currently in the recording stages the band comments that it will “be a much heavier and more mature follow up to their EP” and if this single is anything to go by this statement might actually end up being true. There’s a conflagration of vocals pushed upon you as the tracks begin, “No gods, no kings, no masters” is roared at you from every angle. The bands live performances have benefited from these sorts of rallying, shout back lines and they continue to use what they know to good use. The music is groovy with pummeling heavy as hell riffs that never let up in the four minute runtime besides the unexpected guitar solo to close the track.

Their extensive live experience seems like it has had an effect on the band as a whole, this track feels very much like they’ve found their footing and solidified their sound. 2017 better watch out because Call to Arms have come baring their fangs and are on course to deliver what could be the years most anticipated Irish release.


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