MUSIC REVIEW: Afterlife to Ashes – Insects (2017)


Band Name: Afterlife to Ashes (Ireland)
Release Name: Insects (Single)
Genre: Metal

At this point young Irish metal band Afterlife to Ashes are no strangers to this site. Having originally reviewed their very first demo (a cover of the Slipknot classic ‘Eyeless’) and later on their first original track and video ‘Dahlia’, they showed some serious potential. They’ve proudly let people know that they’ve produced all their own music and videos so far, a commendable feat, but that can only take you so far and the band knowing this stepped into the studio to record their latest single ‘Insects’.

The song begins with the familiar modern chugging guitars moving into a sweeping melodic riff that will drag you back to the hey-day of 2000’s metalcore, think Atreyu, Bullet for my Valentine and Waking the Fallen-era Avenged Sevenfold. Vocalist Roy Geary veers between barking shouts and hysterical screams in a natural and flowing way; the chorus is used to show off his cleaner vocals which sound hesitant at first but come into their own over the course of the track. Later on the music slows down before bringing in a guitar solo and, again, a very Avenged Sevenfold influenced dual guitar lead between Sean Keogh and the bands newest addition Joshua Richardson.

The addition of Richardson has let the band expand their sound incorporating more melody than before. The production is still a little spotty in places, not quite as polished as it could be, but every instrument flows well together and sounds quite natural. All in all, another success for the guys.



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