MUSIC REVIEW: Twisted Wrath – Jackals (2015)

Twisted Wrath Band Photo

Band Name: Twisted Wrath(Ireland)
Release Name: Jackals (EP)
Genre: Thrash / Heavy Metal

Jackals is the last release from Galway’s technical thrash outfit Twisted Wrath. A step up from previous E.P. Madman’s Chorus, the bad aimed for a darker and grittier take on the traditional thrash blueprint.

Opening up with ‘The Jackal’ we’re treated to a heavy free-flowing slab of technical thrash. The production is quite warm compared to usual sterile sounds of modern music, it really allows to music to flow naturally together. The mid-pace picks up towards the end allowing guitarist Colin Dunne to let rip.

‘The Beast’ slows down the music to a mid-paced groove. The rhythm section really shines on this track; the bass is high up in the mix with a good tone while the drums are restrained but plays off the bass.

Vocalist/bassist Patrick Fitzgerald and his snarly rasp bring to mind Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and could potentially just as polarizing but only by listening will you know whether or not they work for you.

Jackals is quite a short release, contained just 2 songs, but the songs were well chosen and give listens a good sense of their ability and range. This being their 3rd release, they had continued to grow and find their sound; unfortunately the band broke up later on in the year leaving us with the afterthought of what could have been a head stomping full length album.

Twisted Wrath - Jackals

1. The Jackal
2. The Beast


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