MUSIC REVIEW: A Night in the Snow – Singles (2017)

A Night in the Snow Band Photo

Band Name: A Night in the Snow (Ireland)
Release Name: Wrong Side of Paradise / Beings (Singles)
Genre: Metalcore / Post-Hardcore

It’s no secret that the Irish rock and metal scene has been thriving these last few years, with older acts moving onto to bigger and better pastures while new bands continue to form and find their place. The Dublin based metalcore group A Night in the Snow are part of this new wave of younger bands. Formed in 2015 performing covers and finding their voice, the band has very recently started to write and record their own original music for their upcoming debut EP.

The first single released from the group was ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’, a rather tame melodic metalcore track. The guitars are standard fair for the genre but lack any real bite behind them, coming across as flat and lifeless. Vocalist One also adds little to save the track, his talky parts in the verses and his standard screaming need more work. The saving grace of the song is the chorus; it just needs a little more oomph behind it to lift it off.

‘Beings’ shifts its tone a little from metalcore to something a little more subdued, almost ballad-like. It’s starts off slow with clean guitars and “oooh” vocals; the quieter and reined back style gives One a little more credit as a singer. An over the top guitar solo transitions the song into a more compact version of 80’s style epic arena rock, a little cheesy and at odds with the style the band were using for their other track.

These are two different tracks that each showing a different side to A Night in the Snow; they hold some potential but it’s buried within its more obvious weaknesses. It’s still early days for A Night in the Snow but the band will need to work hard to pull themselves up to the high standards that have been set by their peers.


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