ARTICLE: Top 5 Live Releases of 2016

The last in our series of ‘Best of’ features for 2016, here we take a look at the best live releases.


ARTICLE: Top 10 Games of 2016

Continuing our ‘Best of’ features, this list see’s us looking at the world of video games.

ARTICLE: Top 10 Irish Releases of 2016

My path in writing first took off with some Irish bands which opened me up to a an exciting rock and metal scene that was happening right under my nose. Even with starting this site that intrigue of Irish music still remains and its only right that I put the spotlight on that which got me started.

ARTICLE: Top 5 Architects Tracks

On the afternoon of August 21st the tragic news broke that Tom Searle, founding member and primary songwriter, of UK metalcore band Architects had passed away after a 3 year battle with cancer. While we have lost many musical legends this past year, this one hit me particularly hard due to how young Tom was…