MUSIC REVIEW: A Night in the Snow – Singles (2017)

It’s no secret that the Irish rock and metal scene has been thriving these last few years, with older acts moving onto to bigger and better pastures while new bands continue to form and find their place. The Dublin based metalcore group A Night in the Snow are part of this new wave of younger bands. Formed in 2015 performing covers and finding their voice, the band has very recently started to write and record their own original music for their upcoming debut EP.


MUSIC REVIEW: Scáth na Déithe – Pledge Nothing But Flesh (2017)

Scáth Na Déithe is a collaboration between Stephen Todd from Astralnaut and Cathal Hughes of Nautilus, and more recently Aeternum Vale. Given their relative backgrounds I expected a filthy slab of sludge/doom but instead what they’ve presented with this project is atmospheric black metal with touches of death and doom thrown in.

MUSIC REVIEW: Malthusian – Below the Hengiform (2015)

Below the Hengiform is the first E.P and second release from Irish super group Malthusian. With members from Mourning Beloveth, Altar of Plagues and Wreck of the Hesperus, the band have made quite a name for themselves already with their immersive live shows, including a support slot to Behemoth and, more recently, Mayhem. Their music can best be described as blackened death/doom with some psychedelic/hallucinogenic elements to give it an uneasy feeling.

MUSIC REVIEW: Afterlife to Ashes – Insects (2017)

At this point young Irish metal band Afterlife to Ashes are no strangers to this site. Having originally reviewed their very first demo (a cover of the Slipknot classic ‘Eyeless’) and later on their first original track and video ‘Dahlia’, they showed some serious potential. They’ve proudly let people know that they’ve produced all their own music and videos so far, a commendable feat, but that can only take you so far and the band knowing this stepped into the studio to record their latest single ‘Insects’.

MUSIC REVIEW: Call to Arms – The Reaper Never Sleeps (2016)

The local Irish scene has been growing and growing in recent years with the younger bands now lining up to find their place. If you’ve been keeping up with the new breed of Irish bands then you’ll know that one name that sticks out is Dublin based Call to Arms. The young band formed in the summer of 2013 and since then have been relentless working to better themselves and have really made a name for themselves as a formidable live act gaining a rabid fan base.

MUSIC REVIEW: Trivium – Silence in the Snow (2015)

Trivium has always been a band who liked to switch up their music, with each album usually being a mix and match of heavy, thrash and metalcore. Their latest album Silence in the Snow is one that see’s vocalist Matt Heafy dropping the screaming completely along with all traces of metalcore. The result is one of their most melodic albums to date, with the music strongly rooted in traditional heavy and power metal.