MUSIC REVIEW: Malthusian – Below the Hengiform (2015)

Below the Hengiform is the first E.P and second release from Irish super group Malthusian. With members from Mourning Beloveth, Altar of Plagues and Wreck of the Hesperus, the band have made quite a name for themselves already with their immersive live shows, including a support slot to Behemoth and, more recently, Mayhem. Their music can best be described as blackened death/doom with some psychedelic/hallucinogenic elements to give it an uneasy feeling.

MUSIC REVIEW: Trivium – Silence in the Snow (2015)

Trivium has always been a band who liked to switch up their music, with each album usually being a mix and match of heavy, thrash and metalcore. Their latest album Silence in the Snow is one that see’s vocalist Matt Heafy dropping the screaming completely along with all traces of metalcore. The result is one of their most melodic albums to date, with the music strongly rooted in traditional heavy and power metal.

MUSIC REVIEW: Bleeding Through – The Truth (2006)

Band Name: Bleeding Through (USA) Release Name: The Truth (Full-Length) Genre: Metalcore Formed in 1999 by former Eighteen Visions and Throwdown guitarist Brandon Schieppati alongside guitarists Javier Van Huss and Scott Danough, bass guitarist Chad Tafolla and drummer Troy Born, Bleeding Through were one of the 21st centuries leading metalcore bands. They stood apart from…