ARTICLE: Top 5 Live Releases of 2016

The last in our series of ‘Best of’ features for 2016, here we take a look at the best live releases.


LIVE REVIEW: Delain at the Button Factory

Tonight ends a long wait for melodic metallers Delain to finally grace our shores, and what a year to do it in. The band not only released their fifth album Moonbathers but they are also celebrating ten years since the release of their debut album Lucidity and the wild ride which that album set them up on.

LIVE REVIEW: Stream of Passion at The Classic Grand

My short hop over the pond to Scotland was a trip I had almost never made, a trip I would have regretted if I hadn’t taken the plunge. Stream of Passion have quickly risen through the ranks of my favourite bands after hearing the beautiful track ‘When You Hurt Me The Most’ from their second album The Flame Within more than 4 years ago.

LIVE REVIEW: Primordial at The Academy (Feb 27th 2016)

Primordial is a name synonymous with the Irish music scene, their celtic infused black metal has seen them make waves both at home and abroad. For their hometown show they decided on an intimate show with fans in the moderately sized Button Factory. However, the tickets were quick to move and before long the show had sold out. After seeing the demand it was decided that the show be upgraded to The Academy, while a slightly larger venue the band still promised to deliver the intimate show they had announced with a 2 hour set spanning the bands lengthy career.

LIVE REVIEW: Epica at The Garage

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to see many of my favourite bands performing here in Dublin, with many thanks to our multitude of small and large promoters. However, there are times when bands, for one reason or another, don’t make the trip over here and you can be forced to go abroad to catch them.