MUSIC REVIEW: Twisted Wrath – Jackals (2015)

Jackals is the last release from Galway’s technical thrash outfit Twisted Wrath. A step up from previous E.P. Madman’s Chorus, the bad aimed for a darker and grittier take on the traditional thrash blueprint.


LIVE REVIEW: Trivium at the Academy (Feb 11th 2017)

Trivium’s last show in Dublin was back in 2014 when the group were still supporting their album Vengeance Falls. A couple of weeks before the show vocalist Matt Heafy was taken ill after blowing out his vocals and was advised against performing. There were fears that the show would be cancelled but the band persevered and Matt was backed up by his fellow bandmates to finish the tour run. The band now returns as part of their final Silence in the Snow support shows and hopes are that they can push out a killer performance this time.

MUSIC REVIEW: Trivium – Silence in the Snow (2015)

Trivium has always been a band who liked to switch up their music, with each album usually being a mix and match of heavy, thrash and metalcore. Their latest album Silence in the Snow is one that see’s vocalist Matt Heafy dropping the screaming completely along with all traces of metalcore. The result is one of their most melodic albums to date, with the music strongly rooted in traditional heavy and power metal.

LIVE REVIEW: Meshuggah at Vicar Street (Jan 18th 2017)

They say good things happen to those who wait, well after years of people begging and clamouring it was finally announced that metal giants Meshuggah would be making their return to Ireland more than 20 years since their last visit. The show was more than halfway sold out from just one day of ticket sales and had to be quickly upgraded, not something you hear too often with a metal show here.

LIVE REVIEW: Amon Amarth at Vicar Street

It’s a rare treat when one of those shows comes along and every band performing could be worthy of headlining in their own right. Tonight was one of those nights with a top class line up of Swedish metallers Grand Magus, thrash legends Testament and those lovable Vikings in Amon Amarth.

LIVE REVIEW: Vektor at The Voodoo Lounge (Aug 16th 2016)

While the summer months have been somewhat quiet this year on the gig front there are always those specials shows waiting to rear their heads to those who wait. One of those is Philadelphia’s Vektor who have become the modern poster boys for progressive thrash, and with their new album Terminal Redux released to critical acclaim in May, it seemed like a dream come true for many fans when they announced they would come to Ireland for the first time and play the album in its entirety.

LIVE REVIEW: Machine Head at The Olympia

Machine Head have been frequent visitors to our shores, ensuring a show every couple of years, this time they come under the guise of their “An Evening with Machine Head” tour. The show was touted as one for the fans, with no support slots and a promise of a two and a half hour set each night covering all eras of the bands.